"I am a democrat, an upper-class humanitarian, and a right-wing revisionist.

I was never anticommunist…There’s a leftist in me, but leftism doesn’t have me.

My demeanour is that of an upper-class individual.

My culture is that of a poet. Idiosyncratically I am a commoner."



Beyond The Picturesquenes

What was it that thwarted the natural process of popularity in postwar Greek society?

He Who Dares Is Lost

Time came when Manos, always in opposition to his “own kind,” assumed the reins of authority.

In Favour Of The Weak

Minorities of every kind always had the respect and support of Hadjidakis.

Political Affinity

What was Manos Hadjidakis’ political identity? From the very beginning, he offered an explanation.

Talking About the World

International politics is something that preoccupies Hadjidakis seriously and steadily.

The Battle Against Avriani

Fascism has many faces. One of these, condemned by Manos, launched a personal attack on him.

Beliefs and Values

What were Hadjidakis’ personal experiences, what was his upbringing that conduced to his deep caring about weak persons even before he knew the meaning of social justice?


Who is Manos?


Manos Hadjidakis is considered by some as modern Greece’s greatest composer and songwriter. With Mikis Theodorakis, Hadjidakis helped elevate Greek folk and popular song into respected art and he became popular at home and abroad with his movie soundtrack work, winning an Oscar in 1960.

He also composed contemporary classical pieces for ensembles, often inspired by Greek poetry. He also wrote for theatre and ballet. Much of his work are considered classics in Greece, being the cornerstone of the country’s modern popular music.

Even though he never had a wife or family of his own, part of his art is widely used during special events in Greece such as weddings. Dancing on one of his songs is almost customary during such events and people also tend to exchange gifts,like the given ideas at and other ones inspired by his art.

Manos` Hits

Manos Hadjidakis Best Hits of All Time


Yes, Hadjidakis was the redeeming reverser of frigid feeling. He gave shape and form to man’s sensitivity and set it free. In his melodies we recognize our inner pulsation. Sensitivity is awareness of feeling. From this aspect his place is next to Cavafy. He is the first and remains the one and only. No one has been able to surpass the sensitized horizon that he created. That’s why we miss him so!

Stelios Ramfos

Stelios Ramfos

Greek Ph.D. and Writer


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